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Spatial Address Registration System (MAKS)

Spatial Address Registration System (MAKS)

The Data Generation and Dissemination Project for Spatial address registration System 

​A contract has been signed between the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of Ministry of the Interior and Aselsan A.Ş on 31.12.2015. For 38 provinces, Aselsannet Ltd. Şti has been chosen as a subcontractor of Aselsan AŞ.

MAKS Business Steps

  • Establishment of Offices
  • Preparatory Studies (Obtaining data by providing interviews with competent authorities,
  • Office Studies (Data analysis, making arrangements in accordance with MAX data model, pairing with UAVT data, transfer to Dissemination System)
  • Field Studies (Providing the control of the geographical address data created by the office work with the field, correcting the wrong data and completing the missing data, preparation for the control work after the integration process)
  • Control Study (Completion of both field and office controls with NVİ officials)
  • Ensuring that the data collected is up-to-date throughout the process (to ensure that the data transferred to the Dissemination System is up-to-date according to the changes that may occur as a result of the daily activities of the competent authorities)
  • Transfer of Data to MAX / Commissioning Works (After the completion of all field and control processes, transfer of the data included in the Dissemination System on the basis of the competent authorities and the process of the related competent administration to start using the MAX)