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Ethical Principles

The long-term interests of ASELSANNET; in the development of the society / country, customers, employees, public / government and suppliers to respond to the requests;

  • Reflection of honesty and accuracy in its values
  • Modesty, respect and mutual understanding,
  • Consistency and openness in our actions and discourses,
  • Cost awareness (avoidance of waste) and efficiency
  • Meeting customer needs in the best way,
  • To work in accordance with the mission and to achieve the vision,
  • Adopt the spirit of corporate belonging.
  • Encourage creativity, different ideas, common mind, team spirit, flexible thinking.
  • Conducting activities in an environmentally sound manner,
  • Our basic principles are to comply with the regulations to protect the occupational health and safety and to take necessary measures to keep our staff healthy and safe.