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Field Of Activities

Radio Communication Systems
Security Systems
Information Technology Systems
Project design and construction
Traffic automation system

Turnkey Data Center Solutions

Aselsannet carefully designs and builds necessary mechanical infrastructures and buildings in order to meet the end users’ needs and expectations to have a suitable environment for their communication and data infrastructure equipment.

Wiring, air conditioning, fire detection, gas fire extinguishing systems, closed circuit camera systems (CCTV), approach type or biometric card access systems are designed in detail and with the participation of engineers from different disciplines. After the design of the projects, the same teams participate and the projects are delivered to the user without loss of information.

Display systems (Video wall), which are the indispensable parts of the call centers we call Data Centers, are designed by working with expert teams in their field and are presented to the customer in accordance with the spatial integrity in the most appropriate way to the user operators.