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 Cobra MR HH 350

Aselsan-Cobra MR HH350 FLT EU VHF Marine Radio - floating design. Your device is designed to communicate with you from one watercraft to another or to the shore, to manage your operations safely and to meet your needs. In case of emergency, you may ask for help or receive information from other bots. With its floating design and bright orange colors, you can easily find your radios even if you drop them in water

Unsinkable Radio
‘Floating design’’


  • Rewind-Say-Again
  • 1 - 3 and 6 W Output Power
  • Tri-Watch
  • Unlimited Channel Memory
  • Large, Backlit Display
  • Hands-Free Operation (VOX)
  • Charger
  • Water Resistance to JIS7 ​​(IPX7) Standard
  • Noise Canceling Microphone
  • Water Discharge on Speaker (BURP)


For the authorization of the Turkish ships, the Turkish Maritime Police Department Ship Station License and the foreign-bound ships are subject to Boat Registration Certificate.

Cobra MR HH 350