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 Aselsannet A446T

​Professional looking A446T Aselsan Handheld Radio; the economic model comes to the forefront with the possibility to talk to all PMR 446 radios, button channel selection and other features.

Product Features

  • Meeting Distance Up to 12 km
  • Frequency Band UHF PMR 446
  • Usage with Headphones (Optional)
  • 1300 mAH LI-ON Battery
  • Stylish and Professional Front View
  • Belt Clip


Areas of Usage

Professional Purpose:

Construction sites, schools, hotels, conferences, fairs, competition organizations, campuses, supermarkets, nurseries, warehouses, refineries, surveyors, etc.

For Family Use

Shopping centers, sports events, parks, travelling takes place in separate cars etc.

Sports Purposes:

Hunters, fishermen, cyclists, motorcyclists, campers, climbers, cavers, athletes etc. ​​​