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 4700 Modular Mobile Repeater Transceiver

Features :

  • ​​Easy Portability

  • Quick Setup and Coverage in the Desired Area

  • Modular Design

  • Duplex Communication

  • Adjustable Output Power

  • Continuous Operability

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (Against Power Failures)

  • Self-Test and Informing / Warning the User with Status-Fault LEDs

  • Support Analog, DMR, APCO25 Systems (with Required Software Changes)

  • ETSI 300-086 (Analog), ETSI 300-113 (Numeric: DMR) and TIA-102. Compliance with CAAB-D (Numerical: APCO25) Standards

Numerical properties :

  • ​​​Repeating the Signal by Decreasing the Crypto to the Basic Band

  • Reproducing Data Through Fault Detection and Correction Algorithms in Digital Communication

  • ​Digital Modulation: 4FSK (DMR), C4FM (APCO25)