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 Peripherals and accessories

​​The side units and accessories used in conjunction with the receiver-transmitter unit differ according to need.

Peripherals (Yan Birimler)
Side units used for handheld radios

Can be classified as:

  • antenna,
  • battery,
  • desktop charger and charger in the car,
  • clip,
  • cover

​Handheld radio antennasi


​Handheld Frequencies of Handheld Radios ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​136-146 MHz​146-155 MHz​149-159 MHz​154-164 MHz​169-173 MHz​163-174 MHz
​380-430 MHz​405-440 MHz​435-470 MHz​406-470 MHz​​380-400 MHz

The antennas selected according to the radio type can operate in different frequency bands and gain. The right choice is important for the radio to be used at peak performance.

Handheld radio batteries


4700 ​El Telsizi Bataryaları ve Kapasiteleri ​
​Ni-MH High Capacity​​1900mAh
​Ni-MH High Capacity with clip​1900mAh
​Li-Ion with clips​​​900mAh
​Li-Ion High Capacity​​​1800mAh
​​Li-Ion High Capacity with clip​1800mAh
​Li-Ion High Capacity with clip​2300mAh
4900 ​Atlas Handheld Radio and battery capacity​

Batteries to be used with the radio are selected according to the needs of the user among the battery options in many different capacities.

Handheld Radios charger and adaptor​


​Handheld radio clips


Users can use various audio accessories for easy use in different scenarios. The audio accessories of the radios provide a personal user experience. Audio accessories used in ASELSAN 4700 and 4900 Atlas Handheld Radios are common. Users can select the appropriate accessory for the scenario they plan to use the radio for. Accessories that facilitate the user's use of radios vary according to their intended use, environmental resistance and price preferences.

The following options are taken into account when selecting the appropriate accessory:

  • Positioning the loudspeaker on the ear or in the ear
  • Color of the accessory
  • Providing wired or wireless connection
  • Push-to-talk, microphone and headset to be used in single, double or triple cable type distribution
  • Can be worn when using a helmet, gas mask or helmet
  • Resistance to different environmental conditions such as water, dust and temperature
  • The push-to-talk key is located on the ring or palm type, on the collar or on the cable
Throat Microphones




Light headpiece sets





Speaker Microphone sets 1




Wireless audio accessories





Earpiece Microphone sets